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Here's what you can expect when you hit the town. Sort By Alpha. Apply Reset Filters. Lucy Buffett's LuLu's. Gulf Shores , AL Visit Website. Keep Reading. Tacky Jacks 2 - Fort Morgan. Orange Beach , AL Ste E.

Original Oyster House. Snappers Lounge. Pink Pony Pub. Gulf Place.

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Elberta , AL Papa Rocco's. Incredible Food You can't visit the Gulf without enjoying at least a few great meals. Girls or Guys Night Out Get the group together and plan your night out. Tap your toes to some Gulf Coast tunes. It's Happy Hour on Alabama's Beaches! We have live Buoy data on our Weather page along with a map of the location of marine buoys around Florida.

We also have tips for using mooring buoys that are available in many areas around Florida. When mooring buoys are in the area you are required to uses them. Before you throw your anchor in the water you need to know the rules for the area you will be anchoring. Remember, Divers share our offshore reefs. Florida law requires boaters to make reasonable efforts to remain feet away from a boat displaying a divers-down flag.

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If divers are on the reef you are about to fish, you must fish feet away from the dive flag; it is best to relocate to a different site. Chumming is usually necessary and commonly practiced in Southwest Florida offshore. The chum gets the fish in feeding mode and sometimes creates a fishing frenzy! Most anglers leave the dock with many boxes of frozen chum or their own homemade brews. To be successful you must know where the current is going and anchor up current from the reef or hole you will be fishing.

It is advised as a courtesy to the angler s that have been chumming this spot that you leave and find another spot. If this is not possible, then anchor off at a considerable distance from the boat.

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Trolling for mackerel and kingfish from a boat entails using multiple lines attached to outriggers to spread the lines more widely and reduce their chances of tangling. Downriggers are used to keep the lures or baits trailing at a desired depth. You can also Slow Troll using just your heavy rods.

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Watch the video below to see Slow Trolling in action. One method commonly used is to anchor near a reef or wreck and chum heavily for a short time. Then pull your anchor and slow troll back and forth the area you just chummed. This can also be done inshore around a point or structure. Kite fishing for Sailfish, Blackfin, Wahoo, Dolphin and even Yellowfin Tuna is more common in the Keys and east coast, but it is done in other areas of Florida too.

Using the same principles of trolling, you drag a kite in the air behind your boat the simulates a bird in flight which signifies bait fish are near. With your line attached to the kit you can hook up some big fish. You can slowly troll or drift using a drogue to slow your boat down. Click the picture to the left for the PDF file to download and print. Offshore fisherman will attach a chum dispenser to a downrigger or put a weight in the dispenser to drop the chum to their desired fishing depth.

They have manual cranks and the more expensive units are motorized. Depth markers and heavy weights on cable are standard features. The downrigger can drop your bait from ' to '. For chumming, attach your chum dispenser to the downrigger weight and lower this down to your desired depth.

You can also attach your fishing line to the downrigger. Marine fuel is always more expensive at a marina than at the gas station but it is the only place to purchase non-ethanol gasoline these days. The fuel sales pictured here was after a trip to an offshore reef miles out with the total trip of miles. The boat was a 36 foot Yellowfin with 3 Mercury 's.

Cruise Itinerary

On this mile out trip they caught Mutton Snappers, Grouper, African Pompano, and the catch of the day was an 80 pound Wahoo caught on 50 lb Power Pro line. Due to the recent addition of Ethanol to gasoline, you must purchase gas for your boat from a marina that sells non-ethanol gas. Ethanol rapidly separates in the heat and fouls your fuel supply, it also rapidly deteriorates your fuel lines and fuel tank. The conditioners they sell to treat the ethanol gas only work if you use your boat several times a week; if you don't use your boat that often, you will have problems.

So be safe and use only non-ethanol gasoline available at your local marina. Fishing in Florida can be a very rewarding experience. Locals know the rules well and follow them because law enforcement is very strict and always watching you. See our Fishing Regulations page for more details. Here are a few important rules to know when fishing on your boat. Each person on board a vessel who is fishing must have a fishing license unless they are on a fishing charter or Exempt. If your catch a fish in federal waters that is legal but not legal in state waters, you must return to port without stopping in state waters.

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Please refer to the Florida Saltwater Regulations guide for the specifics on each species and area.. Always know what your fish is and the rules that apply to it before keeping it. You should also refer to the list of Prohibited Species before fishing. Release them while still in the water. All vessels fishing in federal waters nine miles on the Gulf, 3 miles on the Atlantic and the Keys must have aboard venting and dehooking tools and non-stainless steel circle hooks when using natural baits for the purpose of reducing mortality in reef fishes, including snapper, grouper and Goliath grouper.

Fish caught in waters deeper than 30 feet can experience barotrauma swollen swim bladder. And we recommend you visit our section Special Marine Zones on our Fishing Reefs and Wrecks for areas that have no-fishing no-anchoring rules offshore.

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Offshore Fishing Offshore fishing can be an exciting and rewarding fishing adventure. Offshore your will find: Pelagic Fish - species that swim the open oceans and congregate closer to the surface - Billfish, Tuna Bottom Dwellers - species that live in cracks and crevices near the bottom - Grouper, Snapper Bait Fish - smaller species that usually reside in large schools that larger fish feed on - Pilchard, Ballyhoo July and August are the start of the prime months when Permit and Kingfish arrive at the wrecks.

Blue Water Fishing Image Courtesy of Beast Charters of Miami Deep water seamounts, ledges, and humps can be found in depths ranging from feet to well over 1, feet offshore. Habitat Area of Particular Concern - No anchoring, bottom trawling, bottom traps You must know these Federal rules before wetting a line in these areas.

Seagrass Meadows and Holes Seagrass meadows and hold occur throughout the coastal waters of Florida in protected bays and lagoons as well as along the continental shelf in the Gulf of Mexico. Navigation Towers Offshore navigation towers are very popular for catching bait and for fishing. Anchoring Before you throw your anchor in the water you need to know the rules for the area you will be anchoring. Fishing Methods Remember, Divers share our offshore reefs.